Thursday, August 12, 2010

New locomotive: DB Class VT 10.5

The DB Class VT 10.5 where two trainsets built in Germany in 1953 based in the Spanish succesfull Talgo technique. The first trainset was a day train called «Senator» and numbered VT 10 501, which provided seats for 135 people and consisted in a total of eight cars, being two of them powered. The other trainset was a sleeping train, named «Komet» and numbered VT 10 551. This trainset consisted in seven cars, being two of them powered.

The trainset VT 10 501 was taken out of service in November 1957, having the doubtful record of most short-lived trainset of the DB. The VT 10 551 was taken out of service on 20 December 1960. But the experiences done with these trains were very valuable for the construction of other trainsets, like the famous TEE VT 11.5.

The real specifications for this locomotives are (taken from
  • Units built: 2 (VT 10 501 / VT 10 551)
  • Total unit length: 96.7m / 108.9m
  • Weight: 104 t / 122 t
  • Top speed: 120 km/h (could be increased to 160km/h)
  • Power output: 472 kW

DB Class VT 10.5 trainset

VT 10 551i in N├╝rnberg-Stein

Simutrans screenshots

Simutrans object data

TypeDiesel Multiple Unit
NameVT 10.5
Max.Speed120 Km/h
Power472 kWN/A
Intro Year1953
Retire Year1968

You can download the addon for the original livery at The Simutrans Boxroom.

For more information on this locomotive check the following links:

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