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Flxible Twin FT2-40

In 1951 Flxible joined forces with the Fageol Twin Coach Co. in Kent Ohio, the two companies cooperating in the production of 1,590 “Convertibles” for a contract with the US Army. These coaches could be changed to stretcher carriers to carry wounded. After successful cooperation on the Convertible program, the two companies contracted to build 22 deluxe intercity buses for Viacao Cometa S/A, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shortly after, Twin Coach chose to concentrate all production on trucks and aircraft parts, after which Flxible gained sole interest in the city bus product line. The company then developed important modifications leading to its first big city Transit Bus contract for 300 buses from the Chicago Transit Authority. Delivery of this order began to flow from Flxibles Loudonville plant in 1954.

In the 1950s, Flxible produced lots of Flxible Twin transit buses, including models FT and FT2 (gas), FT2D (diesel), and FT2P (propane).

The real specifications for this vehicle are mostly unknown; any data from a reliable source will be greatly appreciated.

A picture of this bus:

Twin Coach model 40Flxible Twin coach FT2-40 #358, at the Ogden Route
Picture by Peter Cocx, 1965

Twin Coach model 40

Simutrans object data:

NameFlxible Twin FT-2-40
Power162 kW
Max.Speed55 Km/h
Intro Year1954
Retire Year1975

This vehicle is included in the official Pak128 standard.

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