Friday, December 7, 2012

Twin Coach model 40

The Model 40 was a high-capacity heavy-duty transit bus built by Twin Coach. It had many new features for buses at the time such as entrance doors before the front tires and a rear engine. They were equipped with two Waukesha gasoline engines mounted on either side of the bus.

The body structure of this new bus was unique in that the body also became the frame and incorporated two Waukesha gas engines to obtain the horsepower for higher speeds and carry more passengers, hence the name "Twin Coach". This concept was patented by William B. Fageol.

More than 1000 Model 40's were built and many lasted in service for 20 years.

The real specifications for this vehicle are mostly unknown; any data from a reliable source will be greatly appreciated. We know that the capacity was for 40 passengers, thus the name "model 40".
A picture of this bus:

Twin Coach model 40Twin Coach no. 3027, pic by rogali

Twin Coach model 40

Simutrans object data:

NameTwin Coach model 40
Power54 kW
Max.Speed45 Km/h
Intro Year1930
Retire Year1956

This vehicle is included in the official Pak128 standard.

For more information on this bus check the following links:

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