Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New locomotive: TGV PSE

The TGV PSE (Train à Grande Vitesse - PSE, french for High Speed Train - Paris Sud Est) is the first high speed train to operate in the French rail network. There were built between 1978 and 1988 (for a total of 107 trainsets) by ALSTOM, and they started running the passenger lines between Paris and the south east region of France (thus called PSE) in 1981. These trainsets have a total capacity of 345 seats, and a maximum speed of 270 Km/h. Later on, many trainsets were rebuilt and updated their maximum speed up to 300 Km/h. The trainset numbered 38 was converted to a TGV La Post for postal service.

The real specifications for this vehicle are (taken from the Wikipedia):
  • Units built: 107 trainsets
  • Formation: 10 cars (2 heads + 8 cars)
  • Total length: 200 m
  • Total weight: 385 t
  • Top speed: 270 Km/h (later upgraded to 300 Km/h)
  • Power output: 6450 kW
See some pictures at the picture gallery.

This is a blender rendered output (click to enlarge) using its original colour scheme, and some in-game screenshots:

Blender renderized output

Simutrans screenshot

Simutrans object data:

TypeElectric Locomotive
Power3225 kW0 kW
Max.Speed270 Km/h
Intro Year1981
Retire YearN/A

The train has been coded into simutrans as the original sets, with a maximum speed of 270 Km/h and 6450 kW of power. They are available from 1981 and the optimum in-game formation is 2 power cars and 4 or 6 passenger cars.

This train is meant to be part of a full TGV pakset, which I hope it will be released soon.

For more information on this locomotive check the following links:


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