Monday, March 29, 2010

New ship: Black Osprey

The SS Black Osprey was a steel hull cargo ship built in 1918 by the United States of America. It was inspected for possible use as war ship, but never was used as it. In 1920 the ship was in cargo service to Rotterdam and Antwerp; later in 1940 she was sold to the British Ministry of War Transport. In 18 February 1941, during her first transatlantic crossing under the British flag, she was sunk by the U-96.

The real specifications for this vehicle are (taken from the Wikipedia):
  • Length: 124.79 m
  • Beam (~"width"): 16.51 m
  • Draught (~"height"): N/A
  • Cargo capacity: 8800 tons DWT
  • Max. speed: 10.5 knots (~19.4 Km/h)
  • Engine power: N/A
See picture at Wikimiedia Commons

After a bit of work using blender, these are some results (click to enlarge):

Blender renderized output

Simutrans screenshot

Simutrans object data

NameBlack Osprey
Capacity500 t
Max.Speed20 Km/h
Intro Year1918
Retire Year1958

This general cargo ship has been coded into Simutrans as an early steel hauler, available from 1918 to 1958 and able to carry up to 500 tones of steel.

This vehicle is available in the Pak128 2.0. See the Pak128 web site for more info.

For more information on this ship check the following links:

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