Sunday, March 28, 2010

New ship: Nororn

I've based this new ship in the Nororn, a norwegian fishing vessel. This vessel is a somewhat special kind of ships designed to fish in the artic regions, so it's a modern ship equipped with the latest thermal and humidity isolating control systems.

The real specifications for this ship are (taken from
Length: 60,50 m
Beam (~"width"): 14,00 m
Draught (~"height"): 6,545 m
Cargo capacity: 1193 m3
Max. speed: 15 knots (~28 Km/h)
Engine power: 2940 kW

See picture at

After a bit of work using blender, this are some results (click to enlarge):
Blender renderized output

Simutrans screenshot

This ship has been coded into Simutrans as a modern fishing ship, which has to fill the timeline gap between 1964 and end of the game, despite in real life this ship was built much later.

Simutrans object data
Capacity120 t
Max.Speed45 Km/h
Intro Year1964
Retire YearN/A

This vehicle is available in the Pak128 2.0. See the Pak128 web site for more info.

For more information on this ship check the following links:

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