Sunday, September 18, 2011

New locomotive: Renfe Serie 253

This is a series of 100 electric locomotives built by Bombardier and Ingegria Renfe. These locomotives are thought for pulling only freight trains, and they are based in the Bombardier Traxx trains sold all around Europe. These locomotives have been under testing during 2008 and were introduced into service in 2009. The elder series 250, 269, 279 and 289 are supposed to be replaced with the new 253 locos.

This locomotives have 5400 kW of power and a maximum speed of 140 Km/h. They are the most modern electric locomotive class used in Spain.

The real specifications for this vehicle are (taken from Jorge Sanz's web site):
  • Weight: 85 t
  • Length: 18.9m
  • Max. speed: 140 Km/h
  • Engine power: 5400 kW

Here are some pictures of this locomotive. Click here to open a gallery where you can find some extra photos.

The 253.002 locomotive
performing homologation tests
Picture by Carlos Puerta

The 253.016 locomotive in Irun
(Basque Country) in March 2010
Picture by Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy

Simutrans screenshot

Simutrans object data:

TypeElectric Locomotive
NameRenfe Class 253
Power5400 kW
Max.Speed140 Km/h
Intro Year2008
Retire YearN/A

This locomotive has been coded as a freight locomotive, available since 2008. A standard length of 8 has been used for this locomotive.

You can download the addon in the original livery at The Simutrans Boxroom. An additional version painted with player colors might be released later on.

For more information on this locomotive check the following links:

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