Sunday, September 19, 2010

New locomotive: TMB Class 400

This train class was introduced in the Barcelona «Transversal» subway in 1958. This series were very similar to the 200B, but they had improved tecnology. This was the last class built before the different subway companies in Barcelona merged in the Barcelona Metropolitan Railways (now TMB).

The real specifications for this vehicle were (taken from WEFER.COM, in spanish/catalan):
  • Units built: 60 engines + 20 cars
  • Total length: 16.5 m
  • Total weight: 40 t (engines), 28.2 t (cars)
  • Capacity: 30/36 seated, 160 standing
  • Top speed: N/A
  • Power output: N/A kW
First trainset of Class 400, introduced in 1958
Photo from

Simutrans screenshot

Simutrans object data:

TypeElectric Locomotive
NameTMB Class 400
Power320 kW (double gear)
Max.Speed55 Km/h
Intro Year1958
Retire Year1973

This trainset (engine and car) can be downloaded at The Simutrans Boxroom.
For more information on this locomotive check the following links:

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