Monday, November 8, 2010

New locomotive: Renfe Serie 333

The Renfe Series 333 is a high power diesel locomotive built in the 70s. There was the need of a diesel locomotive capable of pulling both express passenger trains and heavy goods convoys, and also a speed of at least 120 Km/h was desired.

This locomotive, with a power of 2462 KW and reaching up to 150 Km/h was the solution. It has been one of the most powerful locomotives running along the spanish railways for many years.

The real specifications for this vehicle are (taken from the El Ferrocarril, in spanish):
  • Units built: 94
  • Total length: 20.7 m
  • Total weight: 120 t
  • Top speed: 150 Km/h
  • Power output: 2462 kW

Here are some pictures of this locomotive. Click here to open a gallery where you can find some extra photos.

Renfe Series 333 waiting for a night express
service, painted with the original livery

The 333.056 locomotive near Salamanca (jan-1999)
Picture by Manuel Marcos

Simutrans screenshot

Simutrans object data:

TypeDiesel Locomotive
NameRenfe Series 333
Power2495 kW
Max.Speed140 Km/h
Intro Year1974
Retire Year1994

The train has been coded into Simutrans with a maximum speed of 140 Km/h and 2495 kW of power. They are available from 1974 in original green and also grey & yellow versions.

You can download the addon for the original livery at The Simutrans Boxroom.

For more information on this locomotive check the following links:

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